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Parents are now questioning if these environmental factors led to a cancer cluster for the three children with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), a brain tumor that has no known survivors.Cancer clusters form in areas polluted with toxic chemicals, and all of the children were diagnosed after Hurricane Katrina.Typically, children with DIPG develop problems controlling eye movements, facial expressions, speech, and arm and leg mobility.The disease, on average, occurs in children aged four to 11.His parents described him as a sports enthusiast who had a love for life.''Jaxon was just so alive,' said his mother, Salena Schoenberger, to the Sun Herald.

It is currently unknown how this rare brain cancer develops in children.

This tumor impacts only 300 to 400 children a year in the United States - making Ocean Springs' rare surge in cases highly unusual.

Sophia Myers, the most recent child to be diagnosed, first experienced unexplained vomiting and wobbly walking before her doctors found the terminal brain tumor.'I had a healthy child,' Angel Myers said to Daily Mail Online. Then we woke up one morning and it wasn't right anymore.' The disease, which kills 90 percent of its victims within 18 months, has left the seven-year-old in hospice care after radiation and steroids failed to slow the growth of the deadly tumor.

'I want a cure first.'A family friend started a Go Fund Me page to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and also to help pay for all of Sophia's treatment.

Sophia Mohler was the first known child to be diagnosed with DIPG in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

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Her mother said her daughter also experienced an increase in rage because of the medication. 'But she went from being this dancer and vibrant child to all swollen.' Despite the radiation and steroids, the disease has spread in Sophia's brain and robbed her of her ability to walk and speak.