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The table that follows summarizes Oracle built-in datatypes.Refer to the syntax in the preceding sections for the syntactic elements.The syntax of Oracle datatypes appears in the diagrams that follow.The text of this section is divided into the following sections: A datatype is either scalar or nonscalar.Both fixed-width and variable-width character sets are supported, both using the database character set.Maximum size is (4 gigabytes - 1) * (database block size).

A large object (LOB) is a special form of scalar datatype representing a large scalar value of binary or character data.For example, character columns can store all alphanumeric values, but columns can store only numeric values.Character data is stored in strings with byte values corresponding to one of the character sets, such as 7-bit ASCII or EBCDIC, specified when the database was created.You define the national character set when you create your database.The maximum length of a column is determined by the national character set definition.

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Maximum size is (4 gigabytes - 1) * (database block size). The sections that follow describe the Oracle datatypes as they are stored in Oracle Database.