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Senior dating in jacksonville fl

"If it hadn't been for this organization, I'd still be alone down here," he said.He plans to return to Pennsylvania, but he and Smith intend to keep in touch, with her possibly visiting him there.Emory, who is involved with several organizations, said she learned about Ocala Singles through word-of-mouth and has made good friends through the club, with which she has been involved for more than 10 years.Don Kaufman of Bushnell, visiting for his second time, plans to keep attending. "Where can you go for six, seven dollars and have a good time?Seniors can opt to join in an escorted singles cruise or can travel solo on one of the ships known to cater to their age group.An added benefit is that prices on cruises from Florida – with the exception of world cruises originating there – are generally the lowest, because of the high level of competition there."It's just a good place to socialize and exercise; that's what I do," said Velma Emory of Ocala."You get to see people from all walks of life." Ocala Singles is the oldest affiliate of Singles Association of Florida, a league of nine clubs from West Palm Beach to Jacksonville.

The events have been taking place at the Ocala Yacht and Boat Club, but are moving in April to the Scottish Rite of Ocala building.

When you come here, you get the hugs and kisses and TLC." She said she was not referring to romantic affection, but platonic friendship and fellowship.

"You realize you're not the only person in the same boat.

One of the major obstacles to cruising solo, no matter the age, is the single supplement, which can range upwards of 150 to 200 percent of the double occupancy rate.

Small ships and luxury lines are more likely to offer single cabins or lower supplements.

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Florida is synonymous with cruising, because Miami, Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades) and Orlando (Port Canaveral) serve the popular Caribbean region and are among the world's busiest cruise ports.