Sears catalog dating

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Sears catalog dating

Due to material and labor shortages it has hardwood handles, not rosewood.There's no brass on it- the nuts are steel and the wheel bakelite. IT's a beautiful plane with near perfect original finish and a full-length blade free of any pitting. There is a gouge out of the top of the shave I can't account for considering how exceptionally clean the rest of the shave is. An outstanding user regardless of the cosmetic defect Item Number m2320 Click Here For More Photos Clean Stanley no. This is a nice clean four-fold two foot rule with vertical markings.It has a cabinet pitch blade and still has a tight mouth. Item Number op713 Click Here For More Photos Excellent 1 1/4in I SORBY Tang Firmer Chisel.It's an easy-to-use molding plane you will find very useful Left-Over and Reduced to: Item Number mp3099 Click Here For More Photos Stanley no. this plane has a blade that can be mounted like a normal block plane or as a bullnose plane. This chisel is 12in long and has a lovely boxwood London-pattern handle. It's not too thin and could be a good general-purpose chisel.It's seen some use but is clean and free of damage. A nice, usable example Left-Over and Reduced to: Item Number mp3041 Click Here For More Photos 1in Side Bead Molding Plane by Hields, Nottingham. An excellent plane all around, i It was made by Henry Wilson in Manchester, England in the 1830s.This plane was made by the English maker Hields in Nottingham . Left-Over and Reduced to: Item Number mp3049 Click Here For More Photos Atkin & Son 9/16in Flat Ovolo Molding Plane.

It's a big 1in side bead in excellent condition, useful for house moldings and other architectural scale work Left-Over and Reduced to: Item Number mp3046 Click Here For More Photos Excellent 5/8in Side Bead by Wilson, Manchester. This is a sash molding plane originally intended to cut the decorative molding on the inside facing parts of a sash window.

This is a the 86 page Ken Roberts publication of the Chapin Stephens catalog. Chapin in 1901 and continued making a full line of wooden planes, rules, etc.

This catalog contains Ken Roberts' full commentary on the company's history.

Roberts literally wrote the book on Chapin, one of the most important 19th century tool makers in America. It contains Chapin's full line of wooden planes and other tools.

An excellent reference in perfect conditon Left-Over and Reduced to: Item Number b749 Click Here For More Photos H. Chapin was an important American planemaker and this catalog is an excellent reference.

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