Rules for dating a hockey player

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But even if they weren’t, Kate would struggle to trust anyone who wasn’t family.’Unlike Kate, who has not been working, Pippa has a part-time position running The Party Times, an online magazine she created to promote the products of her parents’ Party Pieces website.This role is said to involve two days’ work in a London office and one at the Party Pieces barn in Yattendon, a few miles from the Berkshire village where her parents live.But there are also lots of jolly urban suitors and friends, like Prince Harry’s friend Guy Pelly, who owns the aforementioned Public, and Old Etonian Charlie Gilkes, owner of Maggie’s, the Margaret Thatcher tribute nightclub on Fulham Road.

For the other two days of the week, she has been working for Table Talk, an events organising company clearly savvy enough to know that giving Pippa flexibility now will lend them lots of publicity in the long run.Or at Floors Castle, seat of the Duke of Roxburghe, father of her other flatmate Ted Innes-Ker.(Carole apparently found both ducal sons to be ‘such nice boys’.) Ex-boyfriend Billy More Nisbett, who is sporty and handsome, had a highly sought-after drawing room at The Drum, a Palladian stately on the outskirts of Edinburgh, ruled over by his socialite mother Patrea, a former lady-in-waiting to Princess Anne.Pippa’s boyfriend of three years at Edinburgh was Jonathan ‘JJ’ Jardine Patterson, a banking heir whose family had an estate in Dumfriesshire.She’s said to have split up with him in 2007 because he wouldn’t commit.

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While Table Talk arrange swanky parties from their base in Camberwell, Pippa’s magazine suggests themes for children’s birthday extravaganzas, such as the Groovy Gruffalo Party or perhaps the more timely Tangled Princess Party, complete with a ‘decorate your own crown’ game and a ‘tiara hunt’.