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Rsd dating

Compare that to my reader who considers a “warmup” to be 10 approaches in the first of entering a club.

Another RSD student did a “30 day challenge” where if he didn’t get laid with going out in that month, he would sleep on the street with homeless people.

There are Toronto bars where you can find over two dozen PUAs working simultaneously to approach every single woman in the bar in rapid succession (go to Madison Avenue Pub on Thursday night to see what I mean).

I’ve already chronicled how Western society is making it hard for men to have normal relations with women, let alone get laid with someone who is of at least their equal.

When I left Toronto, I completely understood why there is a “PUA Hate” culture: RSD is teaching guys to interact with a high number of girls in uncomfortable situations, training them to dislike and eventually hate the process of getting laid.

They’ve created mindless approach machines who regularly get kicked out of night spots and stopped by security in malls.

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RSD students have quit their jobs to focus on approaching full time.

It seems like the goal is to get a guy to lose his identity in a program that either turns him into a disgruntled hater or a guy whose only skill at life is approaching.

I thought I approached plenty but these guys took things to a level I hadn’t seen.

I saw them approach girls with guys, girls sitting down at tables, and other scenarios that had a low probability of success. You quickly learn that one of the main tenets of RSD is to spam approach.

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Yes, that is a lot of approaches, suggesting that a numbers game is definitely involved, but you have to work on yourself, too.