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His hands slipped down from her breasts to her tiny waist, and then to her womanly hips which he forcefully grabbed and pulled towards him, pressing their bodies even closer together. Rosia replied by using her calves to pull him closer to her body. " This time he licked her pussy so slowly it was almost painful for her to wait.

He kissed her stomach below her belly button once before pulling her skirt down her legs and over her feet. He just looked at her body for a moment, taking in her beauty, before lifting her ankles above his shoulders and kneeling down so his face was level with her pussy, which was dripping and soaked with anticipation. With one slow stroke he licked her glistening pussy from her little asshole to her clit and back down again. He licked three slow circles around her tight little asshole and then licked up to her pussy, which he pushed his tongue into.

Her face was always confident with a sly half-smile and long, batting eyelashes, but her demeanor was never rude. Today her hips swayed seductively back and forth as she passed his desk and bent forward in front of him to pick up a pen she had "dropped." Mr."Rosia, you're late." "Yes," she replied concisely. Somewhere in the back of his mind there was the thought of being caught and losing his job – the door wasn't even locked – but he pushed it away when he looked down at Rosia and saw her looking up at him through her pretty black eyelashes and pouting with her full, pink lips."Stay after class." She nodded and went back to moaning quietly as she rubbed her neck and collarbones with her tiny hands. Velasquez stood by the chalkboard and explained something or other – Rosia wasn't listening – and avoided her stares until he allowed himself just one peek and found her sitting with her legs open just enough to reveal her perfectly shaven pussy, already wet. She smiled and winked at him, just quickly enough that nobody saw. God must have been on his side that day, because the bell rang just at that moment. Now all he had to do was give Rosia a "talking to" before he could go home and stroke his already bulging cock thinking of her, just like he did every other night. "I want you to kiss me like it's the last kiss you'll ever get." Mr.Dozens of appetizing Russian cuties with rounded butts and sweet tits go wild as soon as they see boner!Dirty-minded amateur Slavic chicks love masturbation and never mind drilling soaking pussies with dildos on webcam.

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