Rik makarem and sian reese williams dating

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On 10th March 2015, Brenda complains to Priya that she rarely hears from Nikhil.

Priya tells her that Nikhil has been dating a woman named Tanya for six months and they may be moving in together, not realizing that Brenda didn't know.

Along with the creative team, it’s been so enjoyable crafting the many wonderful ‘under-surface’ colours and quirks to my character.

I will treasure the experience deeply,” he told Emmerdale’s official website.

Still denying that he's gay, Aaron shocks himself at the depths he'll go in order to avoid being 'found out' in the wider world.

After successfully gaining entry, Lisa Dingle convinces Jai to give her husband Zak a job in the factory as the driver. Nikhil reminded his brother that he was the real boss and did not want Jai undermining him.With that, Wayne shoves the fence post into Aaron, causing him to fall back into the water. Meanwhile, Viv takes Bob's name off the carers' list at the twins' playgroup to ensure that he can't see them.They pair come to blows and Bob resolutely warns his wife that he'll fight for his children. Elsewhere, Declan's deflated when the council denies his planning permission application for Dale Head.Nikhil rejects Gennie, but when she begins dating Nicky Pritchard, Nikhil becomes jealous and realises he has feelings for her.Nikhil admits his love to Gennie and they share a kiss.

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Wayne's amused, though, when Aaron crashes and burns under pressure.

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