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Rickenbacker serial dating

Now thanks to the new George Harrison played many a classic guitar during the course of his career, popularizing some models so extensively that he is inextricably linked with them.In the Sixties, during his time with the Beatles, he helped make famous the Rickenbacker 360/12 electric 12-string, a rosewood version of the Fender Telecaster, and the Gibson J-160E acoustic/electric, among others, while his solo years saw him in possession of guitars by famed luthier Tony Zemaitis.In it, George talks about and plays several instruments.The recordings are so intimate as to be disconcerting at first, as if George were in the room talking directly to you about the guitars.Users can spin the guitars and zoom in on them at will, providing a dynamic, interactive experience that one could never hope to achieve in print or by peering at the guitars through glass in a museum exhibit.

The younger Harrison (who is the spitting image of his father) arrived at the concept shortly after work had concluded on 2009’s video game, a project he had largely spearheaded.Instead, he, Sebring, Beatles archivist Richard Radford, and guitar tech to the stars Alan Rogan decamped to Harrison’s Friar Park Estate in Henry-on-Thames, where the guitars reside.“Everyone moved in, and we took all the furniture in the living room and put it aside and built the 3-D rig in there,” Harrison says.“I want to do Eric Clapton’s and Tom Petty’s collections as well as many others.And now we have all of the kinks worked out and stands made for a variety of instruments.” The visual and interactive aspects of the Harrison app are immediately impressive, as are the detailed descriptions of the seven guitars included in the first iteration of the app: the 1957 Gretsch Duo Jet used during the Beatles’ earliest recordings, the ubiquitous 1962 J-160E acoustic/electric, the “A Hard Day’s Night” 1963 Rickenbacker 360/12, the 1961 “psychedelic” Stratocaster, the 1968 rosewood Telecaster, a 1974 Zemaitis Lotus 12-string acoustic, and a rare Thirties-era Gibson UB-2 ukulele/banjo hybrid.

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“So then every time you did it, you had to reset the thing. ” Creating stands that would allow the guitars to rotate on their own axes was another obstacle.

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