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So many different interpretations of the song are the cause overlooking what the artists say. Listen to what Felder et al have to say regarding the song/album. How many mothers are just overjoyed at their son/daughter being in the medical field?

Addiction to marijuana is something I've never ever seen, and the amount of weed that my friends and I smoked in our youth is greater than what some of you weigh.

I live in the southwest, so I know what colitas is. But when the words "There she stood in the doorway" appear, so do metaphor and surrealism.

At this point, I see falling in with a bunch of partiers, a descent into addiction and self-destruction, and then despair at the realization that he has thrown away his life, and also the chance to "Make it Big".

Chad Johnson , season 12 Moment of Infamy: In just the first two episodes, he insulted pretty much everyone — including Jo Jo, whom he called “naggy.” He also threatened violence against quite a few of his fellow castmates.

The worst was yet to come: He got a talking-to from host Chris Harrison, who told him that some of the guys were “afraid for their lives.” Yikes.

CSNY reunion brought them two guitar-sounds because CSNY had two guitarist-Neil Young and Stephen Stills. So they copied CSNY and had two guitarists-Don Felder and Joe Walsh instead of Bernie Leadon in 1975. To be continued Hi Music lovers, As I told you my last review, I think this song 'Hotel California' has nothing to do with any materials or heroin addiction in those days.So those that speak of withdrawal do not have any personal experience whatsoever.Hi Music lovers I think the background of the time when this album was produced and came out was like this below that I wrote.From there, it was on to , season 20 Moment of Infamy: Olivia was one to watch from the first episode – she did get the First Impression Rose, after all!Most are not worthy,but we made the record at the Beverly Hills hotel taking about 6 months,with many friends invited, I amongst then.

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Let's take a look at the lyrics of the song 'One Of These Nights'.