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By about 600 million years ago, a large part of southeastern China was submerged beneath a shallow continental sea.By 400 million years ago, sediments from rivers and their deltas were being deposited in the Hong Kong region.In the east, the Philippine Plate is moving northwestwards forming a complex oceanic subduction zone system along the margin of the Eurasian Plate.North of Taiwan, the Philippine Plate is being subducted beneath the Eurasian Plate.

About 1,000 million years ago, the continental basement of Hong Kong (the Cathaysia Block) collided with the Yangtze Block in a convergent margin tectonic setting.They comprise non-marine red bed and evaporitic sediments that were deposited in fault-controlled basins.Weathering and erosion have shaped the present landscape of Hong Kong and led to the accumulation of locally thick Quaternary superficial deposits.The geological history of Hong Kong has been strongly controlled by changes in the plate tectonic setting over the past 400 million years.Significantly, there are major gaps in the geological record in Hong Kong, which probably reflect major changes in the tectonic regime of the region.

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These have led to shifts in depositional environments ranging from rivers and deltas, to a warm shallow sea, to a deep continental sea, to a volcanically active continental margin, to an arid, block-faulted, continental terrestrial setting (Figure 1).