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There are factors, however, which can affect pollen readings.

Contamination of the site, as for example, the red dust that covered the country some years ago that had travelled many hundreds of miles, upsets a pollen sequence.

Repeated rinses between some steps are used to remove fine clay particles from the sample and sample checks are used to determine if any step needs to be repeated.

Our procedure does not remove all siliciclastic material from the sample.

Ann looked at the role of pollen analysis in archaeology.

Successful processing removes non-pollen material, especially other organic material, to concentrate pollen grains for dating.

Most samples are suitable for dating after processing.

Very often the core sample may be described by the Troels and Smith (1955) method whereby the core is sampled according to the visible evidence it contains, for instance, an obvious over-burden at the top (youngest) level, leading through a middle sequence, and finally a base level sequence representing the oldest level.

Sometimes a decision can be made on this simple sampling strategy, whereas cores of homogenous material may be sampled at arbitrary levels.

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AMS samples can be sent to a dating facility, such as the Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (CAMS, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), or returned to the requester in acidified water.