Plus size women dating site

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Plus size women dating site

If you work out with trainers who are constantly harping on calorie reduction and doling out workouts that are too difficult, motivation can wear out and defeat will set in.Having trainers who are body positive and understand your emotional, physical, and psychological needs will be a game changer.If weight loss is a goal, I recommend actionable goals (that may result in weight loss) where weight loss isn’t the primary focus.For example: I am going to meal prep five days a week.I believe that fitness comes in all shapes and sizes—I witness this every day.As a trainer and an author, I strive to broaden the way we think about athleticism and ensure that women in a diverse range of sizes feel included and represented in fitness and sport.It has been proven that people who are motivated by core-values sustain changes for the long term.For example, if you start exercising because your doctor instructed you to and only because you feel you “should,” it may be difficult to stick to your goals.

Your support system is paramount to your fitness success.

Since opening my business I’ve trained thousands of plus-women and guided them to realizing their athletic potential.

This March, I'm releasing my first book, (Greystone Books), which I hope will empower others to do the same.

I often remind women that they are the CEO of their own bodies.

Like any good CEO, they have the right to interview and vet who they work with.

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Quickly, my motives changed from trying to conform my body to a certain size to building the body I had into the strongest version of myself.

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