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Quick-thinking Nicola realises that Rakesh paid her himself out of guilt - a theory quickly confirmed when Ronnie tells her everything about the fire...9.We're still reeling from last month's big reveal that Leela slept with Louis and that he's the father of her baby son Daniel.With Simone behaving strangely afterwards, Louis fears that his wife was the mystery eavesdropper and now knows the truth. Given that fiery Simone hasn't given Louis an earful, we suspect the latter...10.Leah finally gets an explanation for Zac's dodgy behaviour this week, as he reveals that the mystery woman he's been meeting up with is an editor who's helping him to prepare his first book. When it's revealed that Zac has been confiding in newcomer Sam about his marriage problems, Leah still isn't pleased - especially when she notices how much this supposedly professional editor is flirting with Zac.And Denise thought dealing with Kim's constant interference was bad...8.still harping on about last year's big blaze at Mill Cottage.Executive producer Diederick Santer left East Enders on 26 February 2010, handing over to Bryan Kirkwood, who fully took control from 1 March 2010.Santer introduced five new main characters in January, three from the online spin-off East Enders: E20 (Zsa Zsa Carter, Leon Small and Fatboy) as well as two members of the long-established Mitchell family, Glenda Mitchell and her son Danny.

Before long, the couple are making some hasty plans to flee to Portugal to escape their scheming enemy, but when Phelan pays one final sinister visit to Andy at the eleventh hour, a huge fight breaks out which could change everything.Kirkwood's first major casting was Zöe Lucker in the role of Vanessa Gold and later cast her daughter Jodie and husband Harry, as well as Mercy's grandmother Grace, all of whom appeared in June.June also saw the show's second birth of the year, that of Lily Branning, the daughter of Stacey Branning and Ryan Malloy.Despite her ordeal with nutty Nico, Peri has picked up no clues whatsoever on how to spot a dangerous serial killer, so she falls for Cameron's dodgy claims hook, line and sinker.When Peri starts secretly helping him, is she putting her family in danger? Star-crossed lovers Tyler and Piper return to Ramsay Street following their short-lived time on the run this week, but Piper probably wishes she'd stayed away when her sister Paige suddenly announces that she's pregnant. her own boyfriend Tyler Brennan could be the father after his previous one-night stand with Paige. With Tyler also fearing he's the dad, it's a real possibility.'s other big storyline this week.

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