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It is the responsibility of all Jews to take a stand. I find this disgusting, I find this offensive, and I find this ridiculous! The missionaries' approach to ensnare unsuspecting people includes quoting Torah verses out of context and gross mis-translations.

Comedienne Joan Rivers started screaming on the air after a commercial for Jews for Jesus aired on her radio show. These deceptions are most successful with Jews who have no knowledge of their own Jewish heritage.

This website is religiously-neutral and has been set up as an indoctrination-free sanctuary.

As you probably suspect already, there is more to this religion than meets the eye, and Watchtower literature has not been telling you the full truth about the organization’s history.

And that poses a great dilemma for Christian missionaries seeking to convert Jews.

Given this problem, some missionaries got the idea to try a backdoor tactic.

Shunning was instituted by the Apostle Paul to keep congregations clean – not as an instrument for tearing families apart.

This and many other damaging practices are dealt with periodically on my blog, which I encourage you to check from time to time.

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I do my very best to keep Witnesses informed as to what is REALLY going on in the organization, rather than giving them the sort of carefully-manicured information you will find in articles and press releases.