Outlook says connected but not updating

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Since last thursday, i cannot receive my email in my outlook. If they are correct, I recommend trying the alternate settings (for incoming only): If you are using the Standard settings, try the Secure SSL settings, and vice versa. that way I only had the [email protected](1)left in the outlook folder.

You can view your specific email settings in c Panel. go to data files tab and double click the email you have issues with. copy paste the file directory on where your file is for example this: "C:\Users\m\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\[email protected](1)(3).ost" go and look for it in your hard drive. [email protected](1)and [email protected](1)(3)so I deleted the newest ost file which was the [email protected](1)(3)

folders are there and populated, but Inbox itself is empty.

If your issues persist, it may be easier to contact live support, so they can review the logs in real-time. outlook recreated a [email protected](1)(3)it started downloading all emails and synchronizing again. cause I did see a lot of responses from other Microsoft techs that did NOT make any sense.He sent me an (apparently auto-generated) email on how to configure Outlook to connect to exchange via RPC over HTTP and I had everything working fine.But after installing Windows XP SP2 my (offsite) Outlook client spontaneously stopped being able to connect.I tried to fix it - with no success; inquired on official MS forums - with zero response :(; and ultimately gave up. ) After several hard to get working", and gave it another look.(Somehow*, in the 2-3 years I was not using Outlook, my Email Account settings evidently got wiped, so the "clean slate" part was easy!

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As a test, I sent you an email and it was delivered successfully, have you tried to check your email in Webmail?

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