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Apply the policy to the shared mailbox, then enable the shared mailbox to have an in-place archive.

This more extreme solution requires a light-touch on the clients, but is difficult to reverse once in place.

First things first – If the mailbox is auto mapped i.e.

doesn’t show in this list: You may need to remove and re-add the permissions using Exchange Online Powershell, specifying Auto Mapping to be : Then after removing the Shared Mailbox from Outlook, add a new account to the single profile.

From bottom of the dialog, there is a list of send/receive options for selected group.

If you want to remove any selected group from sending and receiving items, disable the first option.

If you have a need for custom x-headers with an Outlook add-in your only option for now is to create (or keep your existing) COM/VSTO add-in.

In this post we will try to explore each functionality it provides to send and receive fill in required field.I have been working with Outlook Web Add-ins and Compose Message integration for Office Outlook Web Access for a while now.That is, Outlook add-ins that present themselves when the user is composing an email. But one of my customers has been completely gung-ho about getting all of their COM add-ins converted to the new model.Whilst OST repopulation is a pain that many companies have to go through, the Slider feature in Outlook 2013 mitigates against the time taken to populate the OST by allowing the user (or admin, via GPO) to only download the latest month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 24 months of mail – rather than downloading the lot.However as explained in MS KB article KB2733062, this does not apply to shared mailboxes – which begin a full download on first use: For organisations who rely heavily on very large shared mailboxes, switching off caching of shared mailboxes would be a typical option for an on-premises Exchange installation; however latency over the Internet to Office 365 mean that although valid as a temporary workaround it is not a good solution.

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This affects all accounts so has the same effect on their primary mailbox: Although extreme, setting this option temporarily could get you out of a bind and is easy enough to guide users though over the phone.

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