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Meet An Osto Mate is one of the greatest online communities. I mean what are the odds of finding someone who's absolutely perfect for you?The best part is that people here care for each other. Then take those odds and factor in someone who's perfect for you that has a bag?The 2006 conference was held in Moncton NB and the 2007 conference was held in Calgary AB. The conference has many informative sessions covering various aspects of life with an ostomy, as well as exhibits from ostomy product manufacturers and distributors, and social events.UOAC awards are presented in conjunction with the annual conference.DSS has an overall director, regional representatives, and chapter coordinators, all of whom are volunteers.

I do wish we all could live or be closer to one another but since we are not, this site makes it feel as though we are all neighbors and in some cases like family. Additionally, as the UOA could not issue tax receipts to Canadians, donations from Canada were declining.Consequently, in 1982 the board of directors of UOA Inc. Al continued in the role of coordinator until his retirement in 1994, managing an annual appeal for donations and responding to the needs of Canadian chapters.Since UOAC became an independent entity, it has initiated many projects.A number of Policy and Procedure Manuals were compiled, including those for general organizational policies, annual conference planning, and the UOAC Ostomy Youth Camp.

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Canadian chapters were formed in all ten provinces, and were affiliated with UOA.

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