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: a national survey of US citizens has found that 6% of them have a debilitating mental illness.

: there are no controlled clinical trials investigating the therapeutic options for LKS. Early diagnosis and initiation of prompt medical treatment appear to be important to achieving better long-term prognosis.

Several antiepileptic drugs have been reported to be beneficial in treating this syndrome.

Previous studies of the relationship between linguistic and mathematical ability have lent some support to this notion.

For example, brain-imaging studies have shown that some areas of the brain involved in language processing also become active when people are performing mathematical tasks.

This indicates that watching for signs of mental distress in early years could help to avert larger problems in the future.

Only about 33% of those in care receive "minimally adequate treatment", such as the appropriate drugs or a few hours of therapy over a period of several months.

The statistics are nearly impossible to compare with previous studies, thanks to constantly changing definitions of mental illness, but in general things don't seem to have changed much over the past decade.

But it has been unclear whether this use of neural language centres is essential for maths: there are also indications that the two mental functions can work independently.

All 3 of their patients were aged between 50 and 60 and were well educated; one had been a university professor before incurring a brain lesion.

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They could interpret Arabic numerals correctly even though they struggled to understand number words such as 'three' or 'ninety', when spoken or written.