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Towards the middle of the cycle (about 2 weeks after the start of a period) the amount increases and it becomes thin, slippery and clear, like uncooked egg white.When this discharge is exposed to the air, it becomes brownish-yellow, so it is normal to find a yellowish stain on your knickers in the middle of the monthly cycle.

It could signify anything from STD, candida or even cancer... However, better check it out - better safe than sorry Posted by Optional on 07/02/2017 at I had sex with my partner two days ago. The next day after he was giving me oral sex, my vagina became swollen. Last time I got a green discharge I went to my local clinic and they said it was vaginitis.On average, a woman discharges from her vagina about 2 grams of dead cells and about 3 grams of mucus every day, but the amount of normal discharge varies from woman to woman, and with the menstrual cycle.Many women notice that, during the week following a period, there is hardly any discharge, and what there is has a thick consistency.If you are asked to return for another check-up, it is important that you do so, even if the discharge has gone.The clinic may be checking for gonorrhoea, which can damage your Fallopian tubes and infect a future sexual partner without you having any further symptoms.

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Do not be surprised if you see the doctor or nurse testing the acidity of the discharge with litmus paper, or mixing some of it with a liquid (potassium hydroxide) on a glass slide and then sniffing it; these are tests for bacterial vaginosis.