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Ng model not updating

Custom Error Type; @Rest Controller @Request Mapping("/api") public class Rest Api Controller ‘ under ‘prod’ profile, just for demonstration purpose.

RELEASE) 2016-12-26 .114 INFO 4496 --- [ main] c.w.springboot.

In this configuration class, we are doing a lot: Creating datasource [using Hikari connection pooling], creating Entity Manager Factory, setting up transaction manager, referring to Spring-data repositories etc. My SQLDialect package com.websystique.springboot.model; import org.hibernate.validator.constraints. It provides all the CRUD operations by-default using id as the key. Logger Factory; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation. You can override that page, based upon the templating technology you are using.

package com.websystique.springboot.configuration; import In case you need to lookup on a property other than id, you could just create a ‘camel Case’ signature with that property, spring-data will itself generate the implementation and execute the appropriate SQL to get the data out from database. Request Mapping; @Controller public class App Controller package com.websystique.springboot.controller; import For freemarker, you can create a page with name ‘error.ftl’ which would be shown in case an error occurred.

YAML is a superset of JSON, and as such is a very convenient format for specifying hierarchical configuration data. For My SQL, You can run following SQL to create table and populate dummy data.spring-data instead of Jpa Repository but Jpa Repository provides some goodies like paging and sorting which most of the time is needed in a FE application. Finally, Let’s run the application, firstly with ‘local’ profile [H2]. Via Eclipse:: Run it directly, in that case default profile will be used.Our controller will be using this service for all user-related operations. Service; import org.springframework.transaction.annotation. Transactional; @Service("user Service") @Transactional public class User Service Impl implements User Service package com.websystique.springboot.controller; import org.springframework.stereotype. In case you want a different profile to be used, create a Run configuration for you main class, specifying the profile.C.[.[.[/Spring Boot CRUDApp] : Initializing Spring embedded Web Application Context 2016-12-26 .693 INFO 4496 --- [ost-start Stop-1] o.context.Context Loader : Root Web Application Context: initialization completed in 4474 ms 2016-12-26 .031 INFO 4496 --- [ost-start Stop-1] o.s.b.w.servlet.

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Standard Service : Starting service Tomcat 2016-12-26 .486 INFO 4496 --- [ main] org.apache.

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