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Nazi dating site

In a way it is for the better, since those who aren't white nationalists must be missing some vital parts of the brain, or such...

But I have been dumped several times because I am racially aware and hold on to some mix of fascist and national socialist values.

I joined krackerbox and I think it will be cool.....anyway, I am sure if we all think of ideas we will come up with something unique.....

2508My usual response to black men messaging me on dating websites, is to point out that if I was like them and did not care about all the genetic problems, health problems, and high rate of spontaneous abortion that happened when races mixed and a child results.

Just like Odin gave up one of his eyes, almost got killed with a spear and hanged in a tree for nine days, so have I lost something. You are gifted with wisdom and good instincts, but you are probably suffering from loneliness in some form.

I would really love a dating site for people like us.

Really, it is pretty sad to always be rejected because of political beliefs.

It will strengthen the resolve of many of us, for this is the greatest burden of any white nationalist.

It dwarfs even armed or physical struggle where ones life or health is at stake.

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