My sister dating my ex boyfriend dating girl in raipur

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My sister dating my ex boyfriend

I fear that both of them were secretly dating each other even before we got divorced.Now, I don't know how to deal with this as they both are also interested in getting married.Without any strong basis, you shouldn't doubt your own sister as you already admit that she was the one who supported you during your worst time.During the course of separation, it is highly possible that somewhere she was playing a counselor for your husband too, which might have led to some spark between them.It sounds like it might help to talk to your sister, and maybe even to your ex, to understand where this came from, process your feelings, and get some closure.

And try to remind yourself of the reasons you guys didn't work out out as a couple..your sister can deal with those things that annoyed you.

About a month ago I saw a picture of my ex at my mother's house, that was accidentally posted.

I inquired about it and my mother's response was something to the effect of, "I saw him, and invited him to dinner, for several years he was my son." And, at first I thought...that's actually wonderful.

Past is past, whether it was a collection of bad memories or the happiest ones, you cannot change it.

Divorce is a very unfortunate situation for both the partners.

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THe loving part of me wants them to be happy and the human part of me gets naseus thinking about it. Seeing them together at the store the other day...thank god they didn't see me, made it all too real.