Most intimidating college football uniforms

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The newest addition to the uniform appears to be an intimidating band of duck feathers.The start of the college football season is just around the corner and teams have started unveiling their new uniforms.Under Armour's streak of providing gear to the best teams in the country continues, assuring that the Pioneers will be well-equipped come game time.Location: Moultrie, GASponsor: Russell Athletic Georgia's Colquitt County shines in black and maize uniforms provided by Russel Athletic.In 2007, they became the first team in their area to ever win a state championship.Athletic Director Fitzgerald Barnes says his team prefers to keep it "old school", opting for tackle twill and traditional materials instead of the more modern fabrics.Seeking function over flash, the Packers bold branding lets opponents know they mean business.Location: Charlottesville, VASponsor: Under Armour Sharing a strong similarity to the New Orleans Saints, this black and gold getup has been the choice of Monticello High School since its inception.

“The college bowl games and the BCS games, those are a tremendous showcase for those manufacturers,” said Eric Wright, a vice president at Joyce Julius & Associates Inc., a Michigan-based sports-sponsorship evaluation company.

The North Carolina Tar Heels will be another school in all black, at least once this season, in a weekday night game against the Miami Hurricanes dubbed “Zero Dark Thursday.” (See the video below of the UNC players’ reaction to their new uniforms.) College teams use the new uniforms and helmets as a marketing tool—keeping the school’s imagery fresh and exciting while offering fans more paraphernalia on which to spend money.

The new-look standouts—for better or worse—include the Baylor Bears’ metallic gold helmets and claw marks printed on the shoulder pads; the West Virginia Mountaineers’ sharp, chiseled letters reflecting the state’s mining history; Western Kentucky Hilltoppers’ unis in all black; and the Texas Christian Horned Frogs’ black and purple uniforms with dashes of blood red, inspired by the horned frogs’ natural ability to shoot blood from its eyes.

And that's exactly what this Scottsdale team has under their belt this fall.

Wearing brand new adidas Techfit gear, the Sabercats are a forced to be reckoned with.

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