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It’s also one of the better mongering destinations where you can meet a ton of different girls for fun and sex.While many destinations in Latin countries are sought after due to the locals, Cancun offers a mixed bag, but in a good way.Yes, you can find lots of hot Mexican girls here, but you’ll also find a bunch of other Latinas that have moved here for work.Add to that a bunch of expat girls from around the world, and you have a real melting pot going on, in a resort town nonetheless.Many bars have entry fees that don’t normally, and a lot of the bars and clubs will have free beer times, contests, and a bunch of other stuff scheduled. So, be aware that it’s a little different during that month.As far as where to go regardless of the time of year, there are some places you can rely on most of the time.

has some nice spots, but it can get pretty rough if you’re just aimlessly walking around (lots of shemales there).Stings are not common at all for buyers, but it’s always a good idea to decline their offer at first, and observe the seller until you see them sell to someone else, then you’ll know they’re fine.I recommend you avoid buying anything from someone at a club – you may end up with a bag of oregano. March is obviously when spring break officially is, and things can get pretty damn crazy, but you’ll have a lot of competition as well.If you happen into somewhere, and it’s kind of dead, simply move on to the next spot until you find a better scene.I’ll just get this out of the way here: Spring Break comes with its own set of rules for most of the month of March.

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Coco Bongo is a Vegas-style club that hosts a ton of performances, more akin to Cirque du Soleil and stuff like that. Club Palazzo is a little more on the higher end, but definitely worth checking out.

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