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The following spelling variations are common in Latin documents: This word list includes only the words most commonly found in ask the right questions during speed dating sources. Latin-English dictionaries are available on each floor of list of dating websites wiki Family History Library.

Many resources exist that will help you read Latin genealogical records.

Genitive : the noun possesses or belongs to something else.

Latin words are divided into three main declensions.

The Internet can be of great assistance in trying to translate Latin.

There are some dictionaries and word lists as well as some sites that will translate for you.

One of these is the Reading Handwritten Records Series of free online classes available at best.

This series includes one interactive lesson, Key Words and Phrases in Latin Recordswhich includes a printable handout of key words and phrases.

For example, the Latin word baptizare to baptize will appear with various endings: Spelling rules were not standardized in earlier centuries.

For example, rex king is a masculine word, aetas age is a feminine word, and oppidum town is a neuter word.

Words that describe persons, places, or things adjectives will have either masculine, feminine, or neuter endings.

For example, in Latin you would write magnus rex great kingmagna aetas great ageand magnum oppidum large town.

Some words can be either masculine or feminine, such as patrinus godfather and patrina godmother.

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Through the link influence of Roman civilization and the use of Latin by the Catholic Church many genealogical resources are written in Latin.