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We started with a prepaid phone, but realized it would be much easier to get a smartphone contract for multiple reasons (gps, internet, google translate, phone, text messaging, and email), including the fact that Derik and I were both driving our own cars and had different places of work.PREPAID (flip-phone, basic, no internet): Buy your phone from a local store for -60 dollars. My husband and I would go through one top-up card a month. I’d imagine would get you about 30 minutes to an hour of call time? PREPAID (smartphone, basic, internet): If you get an unlocked smartphone (believe it or not AT&T will unlock your old smartphones that are no longer under contract for free to use worldwide), you can begin a prepaid plan with any smartphone carrier in Korea.Same Costco products with a 16 dollar shipping fee throughout Korea.PHONE SERVICE: Odds are if you’re going to be living in Korea for a while, you’ll want a phone.

Our first six months we used a crappy motorcycle that Derik bought for dollars to get around.We chose KT and paid per month for their basic plan ( 3GB data, 250minutes, 100 text messages).CONTRACT (smartphone, 4G internet): You have to have a registration (alien) card to get a contracted phone. Contract monthly cost can vary depending on if you get an newer or older smartphone: -98 per month.The trick is to buy your fruits, vegetables, and rice at the outdoor farmer’s markets.You can build relationships with certain booth owners and sometimes score deals or free food.

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