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Keyshia cole dating

Keyshia Cole replied and the rumor mill began which prompted Mr.

Ruggs to threaten blogs spreading his viral Instagram posts.

Keyshia Cole’s marriage to husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson isn’t even officially over (you know, since he won’t file the divorce papers since he’s a Christian) yet there are already rumors of the Compton songstress thinking about switching things up by dating women.

Keyshia’s admitted on her new upcoming album, Furthering speculations of a lesbian romance is prompted by Keyshia’s new song, “She”, which depicts what sounds like one woman detailing an affair with another.

So I gots to do me a little something...” she joked.

Rugs got all in his feelings and posted a bunch of lovey dovey stuff when a friend suggested he go after the woman he loves.

She claimed to always knew that it would someday be the song that would bring her the kind of success she pictured.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the almighty Internet, you know that it is filled with part-time private investigators.

She was then signed to the label in December 2002 and started working on a debut album. In the first attempt to launch her career, the first single from her album called "I Changed My Mind" didn't receive the kind of success that she had expected.

WENN We told you earlier this week that at the premiere of Keyshia Cole’s new reality show, “Keyshia Cole: All In,” Daniel Gibson came through to show his support to his estranged wife.

Lately, it seems as though the pair are reconnecting, and it looks like there might be a chance for reconciliation down the line. So she asked if I wanted to come and I was like ‘Sure, I’ll be there to support you.’ We’re getting kind of close.

Instead, it was fueled by the painful fact she discovered about her boyfriend.

After she caught him cheating with another girl, the 16-year-old took her car, left Bay Area where she was raised to seek a better future in Los Angeles.

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