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Jt dating

The directors explained the world of the film—sadly, is not about troll dolls in the real world who come to life.It takes place in a separate troll world, where the trolls are perpetually happy and have little wristwatches that tell them when it’s time to hug someone.In a presentation held in the festival’s second-biggest theater, Dream Works Animation head Jeffery Katzenberg dryly introduced the film, pausing every few sentences so a woman hiding in the shadows could translate his speech into French.(It was pleasing to hear Katzenberg say “Shrek” and then, moments later, hear the French woman also say “Shrek”.) Katzenberg explained that Cannes has premiered many Dream Works animated films, or at least clips of those films ( directors Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn to the stage, so they could give some remarks that were even more canned (and obviously read off a teleprompter) than Katzenberg’s, stilted high-five and all.Fallon and Timberlake had a jittery first meeting backstage at the 2002 MTV Awards.It was the first time Fallon, then a _Saturday Night Live _cast member, hosted the award show, and it was the first time Timberlake performed by himself, without the backup of his hair-gelled posse.And then there was the great 1980s ballad “True Colors,” gently cooed out by Timberlake (in the scene, his character is trying to cheer up a sad troll), before being joined sweetly by Kendrick.The whole presentation was very starchy and corporate, to be sure. Just putting that out there for transparency’s sake.

Timberlake and Kendrick’s set was short—indeed, they just sang the one song—and then the house lights were up and it was time to leave.

The “trolls”—trolls given the best possible -style makeovers—briefly interacted with Timberlake and Kendrick, they told us.

It seems the stars were just as bewitched by the be-wigged creatures as we were.

We saw a little of both yesterday, with Kendrick’s character first belting out some upbeat pop anthem about overcoming the odds or something, an original song that sounded a lot like Beyoncé’s “Halo,” among other extant hits.

We also saw some Bergens sing that Gorillaz song, “Clint Eastwood” while they shuffled around their dumpy little town.

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The Dream Works marketing team, it seemed, had a planning meeting in which they wracked their brains for ways in which they could make those squatty plastic dolls chic enough for the Croisette.

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