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#Just Sayin.” And that’s where the alleged relationship stands. Which brings us to Watney’s replacement on the Red Sox sideline: Jenny Dell.

And she left quite the impression, according to the Boston Herald: The NESN vixen became nearly as popular as the players she covered during her four years at the station.A little more than two years later she was engaged to Will Middlebrooks.Somewhere between those two dates, the rumors began to swirl about the pair. ) The Boston Globe appears to be the first to report on the then-alleged relationship, when its Lifestyle section reported that Dell had been offered another contract by NESN, adding the interesting detail to the announcement blurb that stated that she “now lives with boyfriend (and third baseman) Will Middlebrooks.” This of course was odd because neither had confirmed that they were dating.Unfortunately, some of these players end up making bad decisions.Some players break up with some of the hottest women in the world.

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Barstool Sports jumped on board days later, and, as as they make clear, it wasn’t exactly a surprise to anyone: Well it looks like the worst secret in Boston is officially out.

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