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Like Acqua di Gio is THE quintessential women's marine-aquatic scent, Cashmere Mist is THE quintessential cashmere-powder-musk choice. I first smelled this in Vanity Fair a few years ago and I loved it so much, unfortunately I had a hard time finding this, but my sister somehow found it and gave it to me for Christmas this year.CM is, to my limited experience, the best example of fragrances of it's type. This is comforting like curling up w/ a blanket in front of a fire. It smells of vanilla and cashmere with a delicious hint of Amber.The real cashmere essence is in the base of this warm and sensual fragrance. Actually I can see a number of folks being put off by it. This is a bit "cleaner" as opposed to the aromatic nature of Manifesto. I'd expect a pretty makeup sales rep to smell just so. I got this in 100 ml EDP and I have to say it's the best of its class.The perfume is gentle and powdery, with warm, woody notes. It's also much cheaper which is nice ;) this smells nice. A cashmere/wool sweater drenched in the classic Nivea cream. Subtle but long lasting, sweet but not nauseating, clean but not sterile.

I learned this first hand when I bought this as a gift for a friend it smelled nothing like the one I got for Christmas.

I recently received a vintage bottle and like it a great deal. I am starting to think the fragrance has simply grown on me rather than it being a different version than before. Wearing this feels like wrapping up in a soft blanket on a comfortably cool night.

I normally prefer much louder fragrances like Guerlains, Knowing.... I do love woody musks, too, but normally they are bold and strong. I may even purchase a full bottle if this keeps up.

The main notes are Moroccan jasmine, lily, bergamot, sandalwood, amber and musk. a strong nice, a strong like., A cashmere vanilla light musk. The only perfume that gave me a nostalgic feel to my senses and wanted me to cry was Narciso Rodriguez, Narciso. It makes its presence felt yet it doesn't arrive in a room before you do.

Work-appropriate scents are fine only when taken so far. Be forewarned: this is not a wimpy perfume (as is the case so much these days). I'm surprised that I haven't seen anyone compare this to Manifesto! The top notes kind of reminds me of Elmer's non toxic glue. Update: on a second try, it's more syrupy and woody this time.

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I'm finding the more perfumes I try and the more times I try something I typically wouldn't prefer, the more my tastes are expanding.

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