Is ie8 worth updating dating european in single site usa

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Is ie8 worth updating

Are there any plans on getting this bug fixed for IE8?

Removing the doctype from the page will get the gauge to work in IE8, however, this will cause rendering problems with other elements shown in the page.

I also noticed that IE 8 is blocking cookies from google sites saying that they are blocked according to my privacy settings.

So I added all sites to my trusted sites and allowed in every security setting I could find, but still google is being blocked. I mean the gauge should work if it is based on plain javascript right???

Sadly, this now means that in IE7 I cannot get a background color other than white for my gauges.

(This is because IE7 iframes default to a white background).

It places it in a 'centered' table so if you want it to be contained on a page, you'll have to wrap it in a sized div, otherwise it will center it in IE in a 100% width table.

We'll consider adding a background Color option to control this. Can you please send a working example that demonstrates the issue?

On top of all of this, the fix doesn't even seem to work! We're sorry for the inconvenience this change caused you, but we believe making Gauge work on IE8/i OS was worth it. I'm assured, but I still need an example page to be able to investigate.

I have no idea what to do from here, other than to completely dump the visualization. I finally find what i am looking for and it does not work in ie8 ! Just to add to the fire, I am having the same problem as everyone else and can't find any way around it.

I cant put the browser in compatibility mode has it creates rendering bugs at many other levels on my sites. Seeing as to this issue is almost two years old and has received no attention, my guess is this will never be fixed.

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I'm certainly not asking you to provide any confidential information. The example should not only not include any confidential info, it should also not include any info that is not confidential, but still isn't necessary to reproduce the problem. That's a known playground issue, which we can't do anything about - it's a generic Google APIs infrastructure that the Visualization API team has no control over.

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