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Is ferlin husey dating leona williams

Leibler, Jr., pro- duction, is slated to go into the house, according to present arrangements. Sacks intends to present the piece in London in February with Robert Era- mett Keane in the role played here by Frank Craven Arthur Voegtlin and William J. He came around, how- ever, and after looking over the of- fices^ quietly moved in without men- tioning it to anyone and from that time on headquartered with his asso- ciates. Kohl's death followed that event and left no one but Castle and Murdock of the on Vinal crowd. Castle remained active and was always to be found at his office during the summer months. And to practice economy at the expense of the theatre is practicing economy falsely. For these cheerful, generous, hard-working buildert-up of national cheerfulness we wish a new year full of happiness, prosperity and the recognition that they deserve. Theatrical managers and others plan to use soft coal during the short- age to heat theatres but it is neces- sary to pass an ordinance through the board of aldermen. Have received a few copies already, but we need more. Harry Mc Cullcn for Arnold Daly's "Napoleon." BIRTHS. The second show was away below the usual in the matter of gross. There was a remarkable dearth of reservations in advance this year an J the general program was for house parties all over town.

Wil- son are co-partners in 50 per cent, of the production which Sacks holds. During the current week there is ex- pected to arrive from Washington the appointments for a number of mana- gers of camp theaters. Failing to obtain any notable success with the new productions recently of- fered at the Comedie Francaise, the management (or rather the committee) has secured for the regular repertoire Alfred de Mussefs "Lorenzaccio," last played by Sarah Bernhardt at the Re- naissance. "Zig Zag" at the Hippodrome will be transferred to Paris after its pres- ent run. George Middleton afterward retired and moved to Los Angeles, selling out his interest to Ed. He was officially known as the treasurer of the corporation, but Frank Rivers always attended to the active part of th*» office, and does yet. What is more important, such economy is not only unwise, it is ex- tremely UNGRATEFUL. Peyton had been playing leads in "a stock company at Winni- peg. Peyton is known professionally as Bessie Mc Allister and played sec- ond woman here. Anne Bronaugh is the leading woman of the Winnipeg Permanent Players stock and is in her sixth season in that capacity. (Press Rep., Winnipeg Theatre.) "Somewhere in France," Dec. Editor Variety : We have just received a piano in our camp, but have very little music, only six copies that we bought near here. Conservation f what little coal on hand to heat theatres has resulted in a low pressure of steam and many New York houses have been frigid ever since the sub-zero weather made the fuel shortage a problem. There was a general complaint on all sides over the busi- ness done on the last night of the old year. Raymond and Cave Hy left the Pan- tages Circuit their opening week at Minneapolis, alleging Pantage* bad headlined a colored troupe above them, to play over the time on the same bill. Fleury, who were to open the follow- ing week, substituted, with Hope Ver- non and "Fat" Thompson and Co. Illness kept Brosius and Brown from opening at the Palace, Brooklyn, Mon- day. Same cause prevented "Over Where" appearing at the Warwick, Brooklyn, with Harry Brooks and Co. Delayed baggage was the reason Gard- ner's Maniacs could not open at Loew's, New Rochelle, with Elizabeth Mayne going in.

The managers are to be assigned to various theatres in the army cantonments through country, according to recommendations that have been made from the offices of the Committee on Training Camp Activities in New York City. Theodore de Banville's "Beau Leandre" and Paul Verlaine's "Les Uns et les Autres" will also be revived at the first national comedy house of France. With the passing of George Castle goes the last of the western vaude- ville founders who remained in har- ness in. His rirath will make no difference in the management of the Kohl-Castle affairs or the Western Vaudeville Managers' Association, preparations for such an event having been made prior to the r Vmise of his late partner. Year in, year out, actors, managers, owners of theatres are called upon to contribute to charities of every conceivable kind. C, news briefs, your cor- respondent advised of the arrival of Mr. It is impossible to fet the late popu- lar airs, so I am writing in the hope some one will be kind enough to send us a few professional copies. None of the houses intended closing and as a matter of fact they were a great deal warmer than hundreds of apartment houses. Han- son's letter and answered it at once, telling him that owing to present book- ings and as I am featuring "Manikin Baseball" (an American game only), could not consider his offer. Editor Variett : Hopins Mheimisicpubli*hersw^ REMEMBERED EMPLOYES. Train delays were responsible for many disappointments in opening bills this week.

At present there are approximately a half dozen theaters at various encamp- ments ready for the housing of attrac- tions of a local nature, but it is doubtful if they will be in shape to receive trav- eling attractions for another month or more. According to report the next piece Hitchcock & Gest will do, on musical comedy lines, will be a burlesque of current legit hits, with a cast that has two prominent artists mentioned for its leaders. It is rumored De Max will soon retire from the Comedie Francaise troupe, feeling he has not sufficient scope at the House of Moliere, where the acting is regulated by tradition, following Le Bargy, Coquelin, Bern- hardt and other famous artists. Leslie Stiles has joined "Bubbly" at the Comedy, which is playing to packed houses. For a disaster at home or abroad the first call is upon the theatre. We intend holding song-fests every Wednesday evening. Residents along Riverside Drive flocked to theatres. Editor Variett : In reference to a letter published Dec. Should any manikin act desire to take advantage of Mr. The cold spell made every- thing late into New York.

take a suit case carrying make-up and costumes so that in the event of trunk delay, the act can work. The communication causing the Albee statement was unsigned, which Mr. He adds that artists with grievances should come forward with them instead of making sidewalk gossip, if they wish io better vaudeville conditions. Powell, Paul Gordon, Tom Powell and others have interested themselves in the matter and will see that Norton secures a bond and a regular attorney to not only push the case, but to see that the matter is adequately presented when the case comes up for trial. Hoblitzelle, who as president of the Interstate, has property interests in Texas, will attend to the giving of any necessary bond for appearances as well as the selecting attorneys to look af- ter Norton's interests, both before and at the trial. Schaefer is charged with kidnapping Mathew and Bailor Matina, twin Lilli- putians, aged 14, located in a carnival playing El Paso. He is also ap- pearing in "The Grass Widow" at the Princess. Keane is the only "single'* male act ever holding over for three weeks at the New York Palace. There is some talk of the Friars giving William Morris a dinner during April next. Commencing April 22, Harry Lauder, under Morris' management, goes into the Metropolitan, New York, for two weeks, with Morris renting the house. She "jumped" the association time to open for Pantages, after a week's layoff in Minneapolis. The romance set f rth by this press clip- ping begins with Nellie Stantone, a neighbor girl" of Frer-h parentage.Her rich costumes did not seem to please and were thought eccentric. The Aloha Trio, a coast turn, joined the Pantages show in Vancouver, B. Allen Shaw replaced Adeline Francis at the Colonial, commencing Wednes- day.There is every pos- sibility the Casino de Paris (a white elephant since Borney's departure), will be once more one of the chic resorts of the French capital. The Geralds substituted for Dooley and Nelson, after the Tuesday shows, at the Riverside. Jack Gardner is to return to vaude- ville after a couple of years as lead- ing man for the Kleine picture people out west.He feels he will be unable to follow his calling in future, renouncing the flesh and the devil, so he marries his pretty Marraine. They were enthusiastically received by a large audience. Miss Starbuck is another pretty blonde — not a principal — but promising, and Mr.The music is diverting, but not particularly original. gave a private showing of its screen production of "Tom Jones," featuring Dora De Win- ton as Little June, and Edward O'Neill as Jud Green. Edwards' eagle eye hat undoubtedly singled her out ere this.

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Many structural alterations have been made, and as a matter of fact the Casino is not yet completed. Dot Fra, leading lady of the revue "Heave O," has been married to Lieut. His vaudeville vehicle is to be constructed by Jean Havez (Harry Weber).

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