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Investment liquidating trust

No specific degree is required, but a trust officer usually has education and experience in law or finance, and he can earn a professional designation, such as Certified Trust and Financial Adviser, which shows that he has achieved a high level of knowledge in the field.The trust officer is the contact the beneficiaries can call with questions or to ask for a distribution from the trust.Based on these conclusions, we have made Res Cap a large long holding.This write-up assumes the reader has carefully read MIP’s original write-up; reading all the message board posts is also worthwhile.

The original write-up also omitted several significant sources of recovery that MIP later detailed in the comment thread.

For example, a person might create a trust for his children and provide that the each child receives ,000 a year, paid on the first day of each year.

It is the trust officer who is responsible for making sure that the money in a trust fund is handled correctly as set out in the terms of the trust.

The .2 billion is not merely a figure that can be used to calculate ratios for estimating damages; it literally , the primary harm that Res Cap suffered due to the banks’ breach of contract.

(Res Cap suffered other harm via liability to other parties beside the trusts and monolines in bankruptcy, plus via payments made prior to bankruptcy.) So, for example, when someone asks, can’t the banks argue that some of their loans went bad not because of poor underwriting but because the economy and home prices tanked, the first-level answer is “no.” Res Cap, too, resold loans that went bad without poor underwriting.

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Best of the year, yet containing one assumption that may have made its original returns calculations materially inaccurate.

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