Intro dating lines

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Intro dating lines

She and a friend had instead, snuck off to a hamburger joint to hang out, and got caught. nid=148&sid=886044 and finally: see many posts here about the infamous girl the song is so written about. She grew up in modest Inglewood CA, with 2 sisters, Jackelyn and Jerrie, Dad was a plumber and owned a T-Bird.

Brian and the band were being driven to the airport after overhearing the lamenting, and wrote the song while in route. She attended HHS, grad 1962, and dated drummer Dennis Wilson whom wrote the song. Thanks for your support cousin Paul of Torrance CA.

One of the tag lines you could pick from was "Fun, Fun, Fun, til her daddy takes her bluewave away!

This song was written when the band was at a radio station in Salt Lake City.

I used to use a program called bluewave offline mail reader back in the old BBS days of the 80s and early to mid 1990s, and it had a function called taglines or signatures which you could put at the bottom of your messages.She loves to play pranks and have fun, but it's all good, clean fun. I saw the BB live a few times in the 70's & early 80's and this would always be the final song in their encore set. The real story is about Marianne, who attended Hollywood High with the Beach Boys.If it's true that she fell in love with a guy in 1964, then that would be her husband whom she has been married to for over 50 years. The Beach Boys next release following "Fun, Fun, Fun" became their first #1 record, "I Get Around"... The whole audience would all join in with "wooo, awoooo" as the BB continued singing the "Fun, Fun, Fun" chorus. Her dad owned a car dealership and when one of his customer's order of a T-bird came in, in the wrong color (pink), he immediately wanted a refund.Together with their dog/backup meal source Menchi, Excel blasts her way though a series of adventures with gleeful incompetence and a hysterically rapidfire stream of dialogue that makes, at best, only minimal sense.At the same time, a city official, the mysterious Kabapu, has hired Excel's next door neighbors to form a counter-insurgency team that will inevitably come into conflict with the forces of ACROSS.

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The daughter of the station owner borrowed her fathers T-bird saying she was going to the library, but instead she went cruising on State Street. She came from a typical blue collar family who lived in Inglewood, CA.

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