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Intimidating witnesses sentence

Theories of punishment can be divided into two general philosophies: utilitarian and retributive.For more on the artist and other media employed, such as Acrylic and oil painting, pastels, photography and digital media, or essays on art history, style and technique, scroll past the main exhibit of fairy paintings to the bonus section...

The police may approach the CPS for early investigative advice during their investigation.It is criminal offence for someone to intimidate a witness, jurors or other persons involved in legal proceedings or an investigation.There is a separate stand alone offence under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 which specifically makes it offence to intimate a witness, juror or other person.This will happen in all cases involving a death, rape or other serious sexual offence but can also occur in any case where a police supervisor considers it would be of assistance in helping to determine the evidence that will be required to support a prosecution or to decide if a case can proceed to court.When the police think that they have completed their investigation they may pass the information to the CPS.

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We will treat all victims and witnesses with respect and understanding throughout the justice process.

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