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We then examine the benefits of using these features as input into an ML classifier (Section 4), trained on simulated data, that returns probabilities of correct matches and helps to identify potential cases of mismatched host galaxies.In Section 5, we summarize our findings and outline future work.The goal of this work is to remove the human subjectivity for cosmologically useful SNe by using a purely automated algorithm, and to use simulations to determine associated biases stemming from incorrect host matches. Illustrated example of the problem of host galaxy identification.The supernova (labeled "SN") lies between two galaxies.

However, we note that visual inspection and human decision are likely necessary for cases of peculiar transients and studies of SN physics.

In Figure 1, the DLR for each galaxy is represented by the blue arrows.

The dimensionless distance to the SN normalized by DLR is called .

2012) are now discovering SN candidates by the thousands.

The DES SN Program will discover several thousand SNe Ia over five years, and upcoming surveys such as the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST; LSST Science Collaboration et al.

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