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The system allows for flexibility in how it’s taught.

But it must address certain core principles — among them, sexual diversity and sexual assertiveness.

Please note that a "pending" indication for the status of a proceeding in this archived index is no longer current.

According to the World Bank, the teen pregnancy rate in the Netherlands is one of the lowest in the world, five times lower than the U.

Complainants address is: PO Box 87203, Tempe, Arizona 85287-2003, USA. The formal date of the commencement of this administrative proceeding is April 5, 2001. Finally, Value Holdings is not making a legitimate, non-commercial use of the domain name; its sole use of the name is in connection with its pay-for-access pornographic website. ASU contacted Value Holdings regarding this dispute in a letter dated December 18, 2000, and addressed to the companys administrative contact and CEO, Mr. (A copy of that letter is attached as Annex H.) *32. Erickson responded to ASUs December 18 letter via an E-mail communication dated December 27, 2000. Instead, he agreed only to remove the name "ASU" from the metatags associated with the site remains in operation, and, as discussed above, continues to associate itself with the University. According to the WHOIS database, accessed in December of 2000, Jack Roberts was at one time listed as the registrar of domain name contained nude pictures and hard core pornography, as well as references to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Erickson is also the registrant for , which is connected to another pornographic website. This registration may implicate third-party trademark rights, as "Hooters" is a federally registered trademark belonging to Hooters, Inc., a Florida corporation. Moreover, Respondents website creates a negative association with the Complainant, and damages Complainants public reputation as an institution of higher learning and sponsor of athletic and cultural events. Respondents likely use of aliases in connection with the registration of is additional evidence of bad faith. The domain name incorporates the entire "ASU" name, and adds only the generic terms "nudes" and "com." A number of prior UDRP panel decisions have recognized the confusing similarity between a trademark and a domain name where the domain name has merely added generic terms to the mark. The respondents failure to cease use of the domain name. ASUs extensive and long-term use of its marks, the resulting fame of those marks, and the fact that the respondents website uses words, images, and color to associate its pornographic content with ASU. The respondents ownership of the registration for , and the latter sites association of the University of North Carolina with its pornographic materials.

The Parties Complainant is Arizona Board of Regents, for and on behalf of Arizona State University ("ASU"). Complainant made the required payment to the Center. Trademark Registrations, including ASU and Design marks (for example, U. Any attempts on the part of the Respondent to define "ASU" as "All State Undergraduate Nudes" are unconvincing in light of Respondents efforts to associate the site with the University. Value Holdings is not commonly known as "ASU" or "ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY." Value Holdings is not affiliated in any way with the Complainant; nor has it provided services to Complainant in connection with the above-identified names and marks. Erickson refused to cease operation of the website. Value Holdings registration and subsequent use of the domain name constitutes bad faith. By linking ASUs marks to its pornographic website, Value Holdings is tarnishing ASUs famous marks. The domain name at issue is confusingly similar to Complainants "ASU" name and mark. However, in the circumstances of this case where, notwithstanding the Respondents denial, it is plain that the Respondent selected the Domain Name with the Complainant very much in mind, what the Respondent has done would in most jurisdictions constitute a tort. Value Holdings registration and subsequent use of the domain name years after Complainants first use of the ASU, ARIZONA STATE, and SUN DEVIL(S) marks b.

Accordingly, "SUN DEVIL(S)" is inherently distinctive when used in this context. Complainants extensive, nationwide use of its marks for the last 42 years has created wide-spread recognition of the names "ASU," "ARIZONA STATE," and "SUN DEVIL(S)." Accordingly, these have acquired significant goodwill; moreover, the marks are famous and are entitled to a wide scope of protection under United States trademark law. According to the Tucows Open SRS WHOIS database, accessed on February 22, 2001, Respondent, Value Holdings, Inc., registered the domain name is connected, and found that the site contains nude photographs of men and women (purportedly Arizona State University students) and hard core pornography.

Due to its continuous and extensive use of the "ASU," "ARIZONA STATE," and "SUN DEVIL/SUN DEVILS" marks since long prior to the Respondents registration of the domain name, and its registration of these marks as trademarks in the United States, Complainant has built up strong trademark rights in these names and marks used in connection with a wide variety of educational and entertainment services. Due to the Complainants extensive use of the marks and substantial promotional activities over the last five decades, "ASU" and "ARIZONA STATE" have acquired secondary meaning in connection with educational and entertainment services and collegiate athletic programs. "SUNDEVIL(S)" is not the generic term for an institution of higher education or associated entertainment or collegiate athletic programs.

For example, during fiscal year 1998-99, the University received 4.4 million in grant awards from federal, state, and local government, and private sources.

at the following address: PO Box 5181, Scottsdale, Arizona 85261, USA. The Complainant notes that this may be an alias, as "Eric Draven" was the name of the principal character in the movie "The Crow." See Annex N.

Complainant sent a copy of the Complaint by email to Respondent.

Rates of HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases are also low.

There are multiple factors that likely contribute to these numbers.


It’s about having open, honest conversations about love and relationships.