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She may continue to attend church twice a week, participate in Bible study and ministry to female inmates at the Rowan County Jail.

She is even free to believe that marriage is a union between one man and one woman, as many Americans do.

“Well, folks, as we predicted, it didn’t take long for the ugly face of the homosexual movement to present itself.

“What started out with ‘mere’ death threats against myself and my family and homosexuals spamming my Facebook page with gay porn shots, has escalated to physical violence,” he wrote.

The lawsuit, from the Thomas More Society, a legal team based in Chicago, alleges the discrimination came at the hands of Missouri State governors Peter Hofherr, Joe Carmichael, Stephen Hoven, Carrie Tergin, Beverly Miller, Gregory Spears, Kendall Seal, Tyree Lewis, Gabrial Gore and Virginia Fry, as well as President Clifton Smart III, Internship Coordinator Kristi Perryman, Tamara Arthaud, the head of the counseling department, and Angela Anderson, a faculty member.

“We can’t pretend it’s going to get better,” Betty Odgaard said.

“However, her religious convictions cannot excuse her from performing the duties that she took an oath to perform as Rowan County Clerk,” he said, citing the same-sex “marriage” right that was created only weeks ago by the Supreme Court.

WND has reported on the use of “Freedom of Worship” by the federal government before.

“It takes real chutzpah for the government to come in like the Keystone Kops but still ask an innocent judge to pay the price,” Becket Fund legal counsel Daniel Blomberg said as the case developed.

Missouri States dismisses counselor Missouri State has dismissed a student, Andrew Cash, from a counseling program over his expression of concern over counseling same-sex duos, according to a new lawsuit.

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  1. They did a gay wedding when that whole issue was blowing up in France. It was set in Pigalle, about a guy looking for his sister, who may or may not have become a prostitute, and they used actual real Pigalle people in the background. And there’s also a show, , which is a play on “Amen,” about five men from different backgrounds in seminary school. Diversity, gay characters, strong female characters — so much so that when American TV shows don’t have diversity, it becomes a big deal. So, which other shows do you think project American values? Reality TV here comes with terrible dubbing about plastic surgery.

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