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Today, a jury found him not guilty of two counts of rape and other offences after a two-week trial.

The failed prosecution comes as the way rape cases are handled is under the spotlight, following the collapse of two cases after rows over a failure to reveal evidence undermining accusers' claims.

Thousands of visitors, many of them schoolchildren, would pause to reflect on the photograph captioned: 'East African slaves taken aboard HMS Daphne from a dhow, 1 November 1868.' But the people in the picture had just been rescued by HMS Daphne from an Arab slave ship, liberated from a crew of monsters, one of whom had beaten a baby to death a few hours earlier.

It is more like a publicity shoot for a steamy Hollywood movie - Fifty Shades Of Windsor?

- rather than the engagement photographs of a Prince and his bride-to-be, writes Sarah Vine.

What with the sweeping ballgown, tumbling hair and come-hither looks - not to mention the hand-holding, arms clinging and general lip quivering - you almost expect dear Harry to rip off that bespoke jacket of his and plunge, Darcy-like, into the lake.

The Foreign Secretary, who arrived in Moscow yesterday, said the UK 'cannot accept' Russia's 'destabilising' cyber activity against the West and said Britain is 'prepared' to launch retaliatory attacks.

Starving, dehydrated and in many cases, dying, hundreds of African slaves are crammed on to the deck of a British ship, writes Robert Hardman.

The UK was among those countries to vote against Donald Trump, putting further pressure on the 'special relationship' after the pair got into a war of words when Trump (inset) retweeted several Britain First videos earlier this month.

Theresa May (left) and Trump did speak on the phone about the Jerusalem issue on Wednesday after Britain opposed America in a similar vote at the Security Council.

Downing Street acknowledged after the call that the leaders had taken 'different positions'.

The Foreign Secretary, the first to visit Russia in an official capacity in five years, added his voice to calls for further investigation of the way police evidence about the discovery of legal porn on Mr Green's work computer found its way into the press.

Mr Green made clear he is not going into hiding today despite being sacked for lying about claims porn was found on his office computer.

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Sandringham has been owned by the royal family since 1862 when it was purchased by Queen Victoria at the request of her son Edward, then Prince of Wales.

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