Guy video chats

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Guy video chats

It's pretty high-polish for a mad dash to the future by NBC, along with networks from Discovery to E! And it's markedly different from the spray-and-pray strategy that prevailed when TV tried digital before, dumping snips of existing shows across every and any platform.Snapchat isn't looking to recreate the TV model, the way Facebook and Twitter are going after longer-form and live video.So even as Wall Street worries about Snapchat's slowing user growth and relentless imitation by Instagram, networks hope it can bring them the same young people steadily watching less TV and entice them to check out longer shows on bigger screens.

He speaks to a TV camera turned on its side, to match Snapchat's vertical format.

Lest there be a moment for viewers to consider skipping ahead or quitting, producers frequently cut the screen in half and stuff it with footage and text.

All told, it takes about eight hours to produce, shoot and edit a single episode. "It is really highly produced," says Springer, executive producer of "Stay Tuned" and director of social media strategy at NBC News, during Ad Age's visit to the show.

"Stay Tuned" is a 24/7 operation, with 30 people working full time to crank out two hyperactive videos on weekdays and an episode a day on weekends.

Their product bears no resemblance to a typical NBC News broadcast.

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One afternoon in August, Springer and a half-dozen producers and assistants buzz around one of the hosts, Gadi Schwartz, as he reports on a motorcycle chase in California and a 16-year-old running for mayor in Kentucky.

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