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Golf match makers adult dating

Some matchmakers, including, say the chemistry of love is the same whether you're gay or straight.

But matchmakers who dedicate their services exclusively to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community disagree, pointing out that little theory is available about gay relationships outside general psychology.

Unlike adult hookup sites that allow users to browse profiles, online matchmakers offer lengthy personality tests, designed to match clients with a compatible partner.

Though companies keep their algorithms secret and little scientific data is available about the effectiveness of the services, thousands of those looking for a soul mate are willing to pay up to per month to try them out.

Matchmakers like, which estimates that about 10 percent of its 3.7 million clients are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, say all love is equal, straight or gay.

Last year, the company launched a TV campaign criticizing e Harmony for rejecting applicants it deems undesirable, including those looking for same-sex partners.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to counter the stereotype that gay men are not looking for serious commitment,'s ads feature ordinary-looking couples doing everyday activities with tongue-in-cheek slogans such as "One-nighters are great ...

Several months after signing up for dating service, Woodridge was matched with her partner, who was "incredibly honest and sincere, and she stole my heart." After online giant e Harmony made headlines last year by saying its psychological research is based exclusively on heterosexual relationships, a growing number of rival online matchmakers are using their algorithms to find same-sex love as well.

"There are just not enough services for creating healthy relationships, and (it is) a major gap in the gay community," said matchmaker Patrick Perrine, founder of San Francisco-based, which caters to "sophisticated, cultured and relationship-oriented gay men" and has more than 50,000 clients across the nation.

"There has been a long-held stereotype that gay people are only looking to hook up." But there's disagreement over whether gay people fall in love the same way as straight people.

However, it’s no excuse to disappear without a trace.6. We live in a culture of minimal face-to-face communication these days. Lack of confidence…in other words- passive and cowardly. Take responsibility for your actions…know- the stuff your mom always tried to instill in you. While these reasons give more insight about you might have been ghosted, it doesn’t take away the pain; however, we hope it will lessen the damaging impact it has on you.

Modern societal norms may be changing, but this form of ‘courting’ is proven to get results.5. Obviously, if someone can’t see a future with you, it’s a reason to stop dating. If the guy or gal you were seeing doesn’t possess them, count yourself lucky to be free of the relationship.8. If a pain trigger waves it’s red flag we have two options: fight (communication) or flight (ghosting, in this case).

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Since Halloween has just passed, we thought it would be apropos to talk about ghosting. This common dating phenomenon is called ‘ghosting’. When he was a half hour late, I texted him to make sure he was ok & was still coming. Statistics state that 90% of people have ghosted or been ghosted. If you’re ready to discuss how to get your love life headed in the right direction, schedule a free consultation with The LDS Matchmaker®.