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"And he's older." "By nine whole minutes," I pointed out, sounding like another.

Although Tiffany leaned over to rest her head on my brother and they did a lot of whispering to each other, Simon watched the terrible sci/fi movie with focused attention... Trying to sound in control, but definitely not wanting any more popcorn - I'd eaten way too much during the first movie - I ordered Simon, trying to imitate Tiffany's cool, "Get me some twizzles and a root beer." Simon nodded, surprised by my bossiness. As we walked to the washroom, Tiffany joked, "Always make sure you get all you can from your guy if you're going to be pumping or sucking him." I breathed some spit and started coughing, I was so surprised by her words. " "Oh right, this is your first drive-in date," she said. Truthfully, I had heard a lot of rumours about my brother, with the girl's bathroom being the truth serum for girls.I knew she was trying to be supportive, but that was actually insulting. God, did I want to be the original Eve and tempt someone.Still, I joked, trying to bond with someone popular, "I'm surprised dad named me Eve, who sinned, instead of Mary." Adam laughed, "Yeah, you're definitely not Eve the Temptress." "Whatever," I said, annoyed that he always could, in a few words, deflate me like a leaky tire. Yet every time I thought of leaning over to cuddle Simon, my shyness took over and instead I sat there like a statue: frozen and paralyzed.I wore loose fitting unflattering sweaters every day to hide the insistence of my father who didn't want me to tempt teen boys with the 'sins of the flesh'... But in the decade where Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield set the standards for beauty, everyone saw me as plain.

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"The price of admission for the girls is always male ejaculation." "What? One day I was in the bathroom back when Adam was dating another cheerleader, Ashley. I recall her saying he was the only guy in the world she would let give her a facial or call her his jizz-bucket.

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