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This is just my opponion and I could be wrong, so sorry if you disagree! And her mom doesn't even let her stay after school. my brother got his phone when he was 14 because my parents rule is you have to pay for it to have it.but i’m too young to get a job except taking care of my neibors cat.I got one because my older brother had a cell phone but then he left to go to college so there was no one else with a phone in the family besides my parents so if they were gone one of them would have to leave their phone, a chore right?life's not fair certainly mine is not, my brother got a phone when he was like 12 it was a flip phone but this was years ago flip phones used to be more popular oh, he would bust it cuz he was a young irresponsible kid and then they would get him another one.I can attest to this, privacy for me is limited in my home.I see a lot of kids on here in the comment section not many parents, most of the kids are 13 or 11. Kids don't need phones till there at least a teenager, but the world's a crazy place.I'm also into photography, and sometimes I don't have a camera on me, I do have a small little flip phone, but the camera is .3 megapixel. Anyway, I don't think a kid should get a phone when he is 10, 11 and maybe even 12! I know other parents get phones later though and that is fine! My parents say I don't need one, but how am I supposed to contact you when I hang out with friends.I wanted one so badly at that age and I didn't get one. No, i'm not going to borrow someone else's, that's the point of owning a phone in seventh grade. My father is an i.t manager, I should have had a phone since I was 2 *jokes* thanks for reading this rant bye I don't have a phone and I'm in 6th grade.

Age isn't as important a kid's maturity level, ability to follow home (and their schools') rules, and their sense of responsibility.If I had had a phone, I could have called my mom myself. I do believe that a phone is very important in day to day life.Here's a suggestion: make a packet with reasons why you should have a cell phone and a cell phone contract (found on I'm a triathlete, and so I go on 60 mile bike rides, how am I supposed to keep in touch?If you are a young person and really want a phone make an offer to your parents to pay for a portion of the cell phone and even a portion of the cell phone bill every month, politely and respectfully calmly and quietly explain to them your situation, you are whatever age you are everyone else has one you feel left out oh, you don't fit in oh, you can't talk to anybody.Believe me been there done that all the craziness, you know when you're out somewhere and you need to contact your parents and you don't have a phone and see have to borrow one and it's embarrassing, nobody wants to feel like they owe somebody else like they are a burden!

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However I do get kids 10 to 12 feel left out and jealous because their friends have phones and they don't the truth is nobody that age does need one.