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The big six-cylinder engine fits neatly into the MG compartment and all the most important service points such as the oil filler cap, radiator filler cap, dipstick, carburettors, brake and clutch reservoirs, coil, distributor and oil-filter are easy to get at.

Servicing is needed every 3,000 miles and the requirements are similar to those of the MGB.

In his report, however, Mc Arthur concluded that this attempt to curb animal abuse at its facilities “did not access the privacy risks associated with implementing video surveillance.” The Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) governs the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

It is meant to recognize both the rights of individuals to have their personal information protected and the need organizations sometimes have to collect that information.

"it pulls without hesitation, pinking or vibration making for pleasant driving around town – and the quiet hum of the exhaust is the predominant noise.” Yes, we all like that noise.

In fact on leaving the October Register meeting that well known spelling error, TD Mc Nobb, thought that Dean’s BV8 sounded wonderful until he heard that beautiful six cylinder throb, (err... ) “With the throttle floored at, say 1500 rpm, the car takes some time to build up speed until the engine reaches 3000 rpm when it begins to pull firmly and continues to do so with silky smoothness right up to 5600 rpm limit, at which it sounds quite unstrained.” “As might be expected from a capacity increase of over a litre (compared to the MGB) the fuel consumption has gone up, but the difference is small.

The undercover operative who shot the video was hired by the Chilliwack-based company in May to work as a “chicken catcher,” someone who loads the animals into crates so they can be moved to processing plants.Please pass this on to your MGC register members or at least to the ones capable of using tools.For RHD cars a flat bar works well, I had to add the offset after fitting the AC Compressor pulley. Did you read the English Motor magazine on the 4th November, 1967? That nice young Register Co-ordinator gave me a copy that he had received from that nice old Queenslander, you know who I mean, yes that’s right, it’s Bruce.employees stomping on live chickens and ripping the birds apart.“My office unequivocally condemns all forms of animal abuse,” Mc Arthur said in a report released Wednesday.

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  1. We ended the sessions after 15 minutes sharp by ringing a bell, because scientists have this tendency to get carried away when talking about their work! What happens if there is only one-way interest in the collaboration (yikes)?