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Phones purchased from will be eligible, but phones purchased from a Sprint store are not eligible with this promotion because the store reps may have locked store-bought phones to Sprint, voiding this 1-year free plan because the phone is not unlocked.Call Sprint to activate and transfer your number(s) with the Sprint SIM card(s) they sent you.Twitter user Ella Whelan stressed that this might have a negative impact on kids, commenting: 'If a girl is still young enough to play with #Barbie, she's too young to care about body image - stop putting adult hang-ups on children.' Jennifer Gove believes the excitement around the doll's shapes highlights a bigger role model issue.

Barbie has found herself at the centre of a social media storm after the doll's creators, Mattel Inc., announced she was going to be given a serious makeover - the first in her 57-year history.

Greene's Energy Group are any indication, the most ardent defender of property rights on the Supreme Court now may well be its newest member, Justice Neil Gorsuch.

You can check the status of your Service Request using your confirmation number.

Since there's no contract, you can cancel the service or negotiate a better plan at that time.

The phone(s) activated with this promotion must remain working for 4 months of Sprint service.

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If your phone is replaced prior to 4 months of service, or if you change/active service with a phone purchased from a Sprint store, you will lose your remaining free months of Sprint service.