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* Wrote sorted queries displayed on multiple pages.* Utilizing XHTML, OO PHP, my SQL, Java Script, CSS.* Used Mocha UI for internal scheduling, actualization, timecard asset mgmt application at NTropic.* Recycled old site, using MVC approach enabled skinning of various incarnations of the Salary Calculator. * Wrote reporting tool for * Implemented TAPIOCA API for wireless video subscription for Playboy.

* Built Drupal 7 modules for Amazon EC2, querying Mongo DB with JSON via j Query AJAX.

* Co designer of DB, designed additions of DB, 15 tables in DB.

* Wrote complex multiple queries using authenticated user login.

* Implemented infinite scroll for JSI * Developed API for clip upload by i Phone to (dead url) * Implemented Google two factor authentication on BTCFunds, a Bitcoin exchange.

* Wrote models and implemented Memcache for Scriball.

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* Installed & configured LAMP on Amazon EC2 server via Putty. * Rewired "Pingtree" project for (dead url) using Zend, integrated multiple lender APIs.

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