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Fifties dating

Tupperware parties may conjure up quaint images of 1950s suburban domesticity, hosted by housewives across the world, but they are widely considered to be an early form of a latter-day phenomenon: social networking.

The word-of-mouth model of direct sales and marketing developed by Tupperware relied upon trusted relationships between women.

If you are a mother and you are collecting child support, you are not a single mother. The rest of us who have to LIVE with your fucked up, emotionally scarred children will PAY you to have a fucking abortion. Second, single mothers are clearly really, really shitty at making life decisions. You both put each other’s happiness above your own. Now divorced mothers, who are a breed of single mothers, MIGHT be a little different, but whenever you approach one, sing this little song in your head: it takes two to tango. Even if it’s TRUE that the husband was a colossal fuck-up, you need to ask yourself what kind of imperceptive moron couldn’t spot that?

You might not be the FIRST man she blames all her problems on, but you sure as hell can be NEXT. On the whole, give single and divorced mothers a pass. Little girls long for daddies as much as little boys. The children of single mothers have already been wounded so deeply by the lack of a father.

And for the love of god, if you decide to give one a spin, STAY AWAY FROM THE CHILD. To give them some hope that it might be YOU, and then leave them is unspeakably cruel. You can’t save those little innocents, but you can save them from hurting even more.

Thacker, IT Pioneer – co-invented the ‘Graphical User Interface and Ethernet LAN for Xerox – age 7412 – Jim Galton, Publisher – CEO of Marvel Entertainment Group (1975-1991) – age 9212 – Ray Phiri, Musician – collaborated with Paul Simon on “Graceland” and “Rhythm of the Saints” albums – age 70 (lung cancer)13 – Anita Pallenberg, Italian Actress – starred in “Barbarella” (1968), “Candy” (1968) – age 7315 – Bill Dana, Actor/Comedian – portrayed the character José Jiménez on many variety shows 1950s & 60s) – age 9216 – Stephen Furst, Actor – Dr. Elsewhere”, Flounder in “Animal House” – age 63 (type II diabetes complications)19 – Brian Cant, Actor – Presenter of “Play School” (1964-1983) on BBC 2 – age 83 (Parkinson’s disease)23 – Gabe Pressman, Journalist – reporter for WNBC-TV, New York (1954 till his death) won a Peabody and 11 Emmys – age 9325 – Skip Homeier, Actor – played character roles in films and TV; “Halls of Montezuma” (1950), “Fixed Bayonets” (1951) – age 86 (spinal myelopathy)27 – Michael Bond, Writer – the Paddington Bear series of 20 books (1958-2014) – age 9127 – Michael Nyqvist, Actor (Swedish) – Kurt Hendricks (villian) in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – age 56 (lung cancer)28 – Gary De Carlo, Singer – “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Good Bye” (1969) – age 75 (cancer) 01 – Sir Nicholas Winton, Humanitarian (UK) – saved 669 Jeish children from the Nazi’s in occupied Czechoslovakia – age 10603 – Joe Robinson, Pro Wrestler/Actor – Thor and the Amazon Women (1963), Diamonds Are Forever (1971) – age 9004 – Carol Lee Scott, Actress – star of “Grotbags” children’s television show on ITV (1991-’93) – age 7404 – Ji-Tu Cumbuka, Actor – Roots miniseries (1977), Mandingo (1975) – age 7704 – John Blackwell, Drummer – played with Prince’s band The New Power Generation (2000-2012) – age 43 (brain tumor)06 – Joan Boocock Lee, Model – married, for 69 years, to Stan Lee comic book writer and publisher of Marvel – age 95 (stroke)08 – Nelsan Ellis, Actor – played Lafayette Reynolds in “True Blood” on HBO – age 39 (heart failure from alcohol withdrawal) 08 – Elsa Martinelli, Model/Actress – starred in “The Indian Fighter” with Kirk Douglas (1955) – age – 8213 – John Bernecker, Stuntman – Olympus Has Fallen, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Logan – age 33 (fell 25′ on set of Walking Dead)13 – Fresh Kid Ice, Hip Hop artist – founding member of 2 Live Crew – age 53 (stroke?

)15 – Martin Landau, Actor – “Mission: Impossible” (1966 -1973), “Space: 1999” (1976-’77) – age 8916 – George A.

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They've drafted in former American Idol winner, 29 year-old Kelly Clarkson, as one of the faces of the new strategy, who will feature in online videos for the campaign, which carries the tagline 'chain of confidence'.

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  1. The current study seeks to answer this call by providing longitudinal data on youth aggression and dating violence as potential consequences of violent video game exposure using well-validated clinical outcome measures and controlling for other relevant predictors of youth aggression.