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"You get to see each other a couple of weeks later," he said, "and it's like you're seeing each other for the first time." Maybe so. These one-way communications—sort of like messages in a 0 bottle—are less interactive but more satisfying.

So instead of scheduling a phone call, I'd shoot a video (yeah, love makes us do adorkable things) and leave it as a hello in his in-box.

To celebrate the crowning of the petite Utah-born blonde, i P4Play is giving away an i Pad 2 to a randomly selected customer May 5.

Cultof talked exclusively to this former “PC girl” about her Apple gear and why Face Time is “incredibly arousing.” It’s not really my place to judge, especially since I used to be a PC girl.

If you've ever suffered through a long-distance relationship, you're familiar with the painful mix of love, longing, and resentment.

But technology was supposed to make it so much easier. Let me just say this: I didn't see the iceberg coming.

Speaking to Game Crush co-Founder Eric Strasser, Michael Arrington at says that "...despite the fact that the site is in a strict invite only beta, the money is rolling in.

But most importantly, we threw money at airline tickets.

As discussed before, i Phone Craigs List phone sex ads have been up since the Face Time launch, not to mention start-ups aimed directly for the i Phone and i Pad.

The tablet wars: Playing on a mobile phone while trying to use a webcam is awkward at best, but a Game Crush-like service could thrive using a phone/tablet combination.

And some playdates have made over ,000 in the short time the beta has been live. The Game Crush blueprint can be applied to the tablet (gaming) and phone (webcam) combination and, as Game Crush has already raised a 0,000 angel round of funding, enterprising companies will be flocking to bring the gaming courtesan idea to the mobile for a couple reasons: Open SDK: Apple has opened up the Face Time software development kit, which increases the likelihood of a mobile Game Crush.

Playdates can also get extra money from tips and virtual goods." Online play. Furthermore, even if it did want to censor what was shown through its popular video chat software, Steve Jobs and company would have a difficult time separating the personal calls from the business transactions (Think Chat Roulette).

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And then there's that old-fangled standby, Skype.