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Face to face sexchats

There are so many cases like that whom i may not be able to say much on to avoid long story.As I write this now, he has been out of the house for the past one month living with a girl of about 24. Mummy wanted to leave the marriage, you told her not to.8.

I took time to imagine walking in her shoes and I understand she is really hurt,she has asked to leave his house several, I've been the one3 calming her down and advising her not to leave at her age. All that "who will want you after 3kids" threat, na for women wey no know wassup. This na open marriage Season1.carammel: Well, I understand if you dont want your mom to leave,that may give room for open affair since she would be living alone and since we are in Africa,she will turn to outcast by mere doing that and you lot would call her all sort of names.

Your dad is a disgrace of a man and your mum has feelings which your dad has failed to fulfill both physically and emotionally.

She has found that outside via multiple men and how she satisfies herself shouldn't concern u......i repeat stay away from her phone Yelabechi: I am a guy of 34 and I'm married with 2kids.

He is a very bad example but a good example of most African men.

Learn to mind your biz and accord your mum her respect by not invading her privacy.

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